Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor

Prof Khaliq Shad, SI(M), PhD
Engr. Khaliq Shad SI(M), PhD (Stanford)

University of Wah Journal of Science and Technology (UWJST), is intended to be a source for aspiration for researchers, educators and science practitioners. It is our aspiration that this journal will give an academic voice and a venture for discourse that will move us forward intellectually all around the globe.

UWJST has been started with a goal to publish innovative ideas for creating technologies for tomorrow and solving problems of today; from concept to implementation phase. This Journal will try to set an example for extending opportunities to scholars from different fields to publish their papers with ethics and honesty.

I am confident that UWJST will play a vital role in improving the research culture in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science and Basic Sciences. As such, we encourage submission of original research focused on the wide range of issues encountered in the world.

The Journal will, undoubtedly, generate substantial reading interest among researchers in the subject areas. I hope you will find UWJST a welcome companion along the way. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to those who have supported this upcoming Journal and to those who are going to be with us in our journey of taking the Journal to its rightful pinnacle.