Microscopic object tracking Video Based Automatic White Blood Cell Tracking by Improving Centroid Coordinates


  • Huma Hafeez a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:19:"Shandong University";}
  • Ch Asad Abbas University of Chakwal


Microscopic object detection, Microscopic object tracking, Dilation, Blob analysis, Centroid based tracking.


The study of blood flow physiognomies, cellular illnesses, lesion vasculature, and brain micro blood vessels is influenced by white blood cell tracking, velocity measures and the white blood cell (WBC) mechanism to overwhelm the bacteria. We have demonstrated an improvement in the accuracy of centroid tracking algorithm which identifies each probe particle with different threshold intensity in one source frame. Centroid tracking algorithm facilitates to recognize, locate and track particles simultaneously from the first to the end for a series of frames. In the current work, a microscopic video in which WBC attacking a small bacterium is used. The proposed tracking system mainly consists of detecting and localizing WBCs in given frame within the video via blob analysis.  Automatic ROI (region of interest) detection is accomplished by recognizing the suitable connected component number that fulfils the complete segregation between WBC and harmful bacteria. This separation is achieved by removing little items with pixel values less than P pixels. Because the WBC centroid and bacteria were so close in some frames, the proposed green star marker was employed to fine-tune the tracking procedure. The whole process took 0.03 seconds to complete one iteration which makes it highly time efficient.


Author Biography

Ch Asad Abbas, University of Chakwal




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