Optimization of Methanol and Sodium Hydroxide used in the Production of Biodiesel using Jatropha Oil


  • Ejaz Mahmood Shahid Chaudhry The University of Lahore
  • Shahab Khushnood
  • Saad Ejaz


Transesterifiation, Biodiesel, Sodium Hydroxide, Methanol, Optimization


The popularity of biofuel is increasing rapidly due to scarcity of petroleum fuel and its equitableness towards the environment issues. Mostly biodiesel is produced with transesterification, in which organic oils or analogous stuff is reacted with alcohol in the presence of a suitable catalyst.In this study Methanol and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), as catalyst, was used to transesterify the Jatropha Oil. Since the economic sustainability is very important, so the study was made to cut down the cost of production of biodiesel. As the cost of Methanol and NaOH is considerable, so the amount of methanol and Sodium Hydroxide was optimized. The amount of methanol varied from 10% to 30% and NaOH varied from 8% to 20%. It was found that 21% methanol and 10.5% NaOH (m/v) revealed the highest yield i.e.96%, when Jatropha oil was used as feedstock. Mathematical model was developed and theoretical results were compared with experimental results. Both models were superimposed and a comprehensive correlation was established.  


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