Steering Mechanism for an IC engine powered tracked firefighting UGV

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Muhammad Mohsin Dar
Dr Nasir Rahman
Dr. Rizwan Alim Mufti


Rescue and hazard management operations are susceptible to damages related to workers, working inside the installation in addition to workers part of a rescue and disaster management team. In order to minimize this damage, it is needed to incorporate robots with telepresence equipment. Unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) with the capability of reaching different layers of urban structures like buildings play a very vital role in minimizing the damage. The designed robot for the said operations has the capability of climbing stairs, ramps etc in addition to maneuvering or navigating without colliding the obstacles, taking sharp right/left turns and pivoting around, carrying and connecting capability with the fire tender in supervisory teleoperated controlled paradigm. The focus of this research is to design, develop and demonstrate a transmission and steering mechanism for an IC engine powered firefighting UGV.

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Dar, M. M., Dr Nasir Rahman, & Dr. Rizwan Alim Mufti. (2021). Steering Mechanism for an IC engine powered tracked firefighting UGV. University of Wah Journal of Science and Technology (UWJST), 5(1), 41-46. Retrieved from
Author Biographies

Muhammad Mohsin Dar

Muhammad Mohsin Dar has obtained his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from UET Taxila and is currently pursing Masters in Mechanical Engineering from PIEAS.

Dr Nasir Rahman, PIEAS,Pakistan

Dr. Nasir Rahman completed his graduation in Computer Systems Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology. Karachi, Pakistan in 1998. Later he completed his MS in Systems Engineering from Quaid e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan in 2001. In 2001, he joined Department of Electrical Engineering, Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan as a faculty member. In 2007 he completed his PhD in Mechatronics Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, P.R. China.


Dr. Rizwan Alim Mufti

Dr. Rizwan Alim Mufti completed his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology Lahore in 1990. Later he completed his MS Engineering from the same institute in 1999 and PhD from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute in 2009. Dr Mufti has served 15 years in the manufacturing industry and the area of his specialization in PhD was also manufacturing. In 2011 he joined the Academia and is the part of PIEAS faculty since than. He has to his credit 10 Journal and 6 conference Publications. He remained the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. PIEAS for the last five years till March 2018. He is also the member of the organizing committee for the annual PIEAS Summit and is also a member of ASME.


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